Screen Doors

Cobbitty Blinds and Shutters offer a range of superior quality screen doors to protect your home from pests entering.

Screening your doors is essential in ensuring you can open your doors whilst also warding off life’s little pests and extending your home into the outdoors.


Using the unique, patented INVISI-GARD Pressure Retention and Isolation Method, you can be assured the Stainless Steel Mesh will defy the most determined attack from both intruders and corrosion.

INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security products do not require screws or any other form of mechanical fixing to secure the mesh into the perimeter frame. As a result, unlike inferior screw clamped systems, the potential for corrosion through dissimilar metal contact is avoided.

Tested and approved in accordance with Australian Standards, INVISI-GARD delivers confidence in security.

Security Range and Colour

INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Screens have a wide range of products suitable for the following residential and commercial applications:

  • Hinges Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Security Screen

Retractable Flyscreens

For Windows & Doors

Retractable Flyscreens are suitable for various types of windows, and are a perfect compliment to bi-fold and stacker doors. Made and manufactured in Australia, Tech-Roll retractable insect screens are convenient, highly efficent, and elegant. They offer unique and neat features that are designed to be unnoticable once fitted along windows or doors.

Available in either a single or double unit, Tech-Roll flyscreens are able to screen doorways up to six metres wide.

10 Reasons to Choose Tech-Roll Retractable Flyscreens

  • Go green and lower your energy costs using cross ventilation.
  • Let the breeze in and keep insects out.
  • Hidden away when not in use.
  • Blends in with your existing decor.
  • Suit any type of window or door.
  • Easy operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Value for money.
  • Able to stop in multiple positions.
  • Available in six different colours.

Pleated Screens

Able to screen the unscreenable.

The solution to large openings.

Install alongside french doors, bifold doors, stacker doors, pivot doors, timber sliding doors, alfresco rooms & entry doors, up to a width of 9 metres.

Stylish innovation with durable quality!