Are our blinds child safe?

Yes. All blinds and curtains must be installed to the ACCC guidelines. 

You can find more information on this here: ACCC blinds & curtains product safety.

How much is a measure and quote?

Free! We do however, recommend that you first visit our showroom to be shown our product range and what will best suit your needs.

Do you provide quotes off the plan?

Yes. Please ensure that your plans are clear for our staff to read and within your email please advise which products you want on each window and provide necessary contact details.

How much deposit is required?

Here at Cobbitty Blinds we do not ask for much – 50% deposit is required to place your order and the remaining 50% is due prior to installation.

How can I make payment?

Once we have contacted you to arrange installation, the final balance will be due before the blinds can be installed. Final payment can be made by either ringing the office to provide card details and we will process the payment for you (and provide a receipt), cheque, bank transfer or cash is also accepted.

How long will my order take?

As we have a range of products it is hard to give an exact date of when you order will be ready for installation, our manufactures do their best to stick to our guideline of 6-8 weeks for shutters and a few weeks for our blinds and curtains range. Our staff will contact you as soon as we receive your window furnishings to book in an installation date Christmas is the exception, when manufacturing may take an extended amount of time.

How do you clean outdoor blinds?

We recommend cleaning the blind with a soft cloth and soapy cold water. Sunscreen mesh blinds are generally less sensitive than pvc blinds, but should always be treated with care. They’re designed to withstand tough Australian weather conditions.

Always allow the blind to dry before rolling up to ensure moisture is not trapped within the layers of the rolled up blind. This moisture can damage the blind material over time.

Generally, we recommend that bird droppings are cleaned off any blind surface asap and that bore water does not contact the blind. Never allow petrochemicals or solvents to touch the blind surface and don’t use a high pressure hose to clean the blind. Window cleaning detergents should also be avoided.

How do you clean Ziptraks®?

Ziptrak® has their own cleaning solution called Swiftee® this can be purchased through Cobbitty Blinds. If you don’t have time to waste, a soft cloth and cold soapy water will do the job – be sure to leave the Ziptrak®s down until completely dried. 

Please refer to the Ziptrak® User Guide for more information.

Do you sell pelmets?

Yes. We sell a few different options which can be discussed with a consultant in our showroom or a sales representative when quoting your product. Fabrics can be matched to your choice of pelmet.

What types of curtain finishing do you do?

There are many considerations when choosing your curtains for your home, fabric is just one and then you will need to choose how you would like the finish at the top of the curtain to look. 
We manufacture s-fold, knife pleat, pinch pleat and box pleat, each finish will give your window furnishing a certain look and some finishes are recommended for different uses such as maximum blockout for theatre rooms.

Why are your pvc shutters unique?

Visit our showroom for one of our professional consultants to show you difference of our quality shutters compared to others on the market.  Make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Will light seep through my shutters?

Although shutters give the appearance of complete blockout this is not the case. If direct sunlight or a street light is facing the window light will seep through the blades as there is a 1-2mm gap. There are products on the market that do offer complete blockout – talk to one of our friendly consultants who can guide you when picking the most suitable window furnishing for your property.

Can I leave my Ziptraks® down on a windy day?

Ziptrak® is a strong and robust system and is install commonly in high wind locations. We do advise that the blinds be completely retracted to avoid any damages that may occur in severe weather conditions. 

Please refer to the Ziptrak® User Guide for more information.

What is the maximum width for Ziptrak® blinds?

The recommended maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® blinds are 6000mm wide by 3500mm high when using sunscreen mesh, or 5500mm wide by 3000mm high when using clear pvc. 
Ziptrak® components including the top tube, spring and bottom bar are upgraded in size, and therefore strength, as the blind becomes larger. This allows the Ziptrak® system to perform at all sizes up to 6 meters, providing ease-of-use and superior wind performance.

Can I motorise my outdoor blind?

Yes. Motorisation is popular among our range of indoor and outdoor blinds. The smooth operating system makes it a convenient option for many customers.